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Welcome to Ayurveda University! Together with our Research association AyurVida Ibiza and Meghdhara Hospital! You will enter to understand the oldest of the known medicines, the root from which almost all the medical systems of the world have come. You will learn why each one of us is different from the rest and how everything that surrounds us affects us for better or for worse, you will know the elements and we will understand that we are a single union of them, and with them we will conceive the different moods, which combined make us each one unique and different beings, with different minds and bodies, which must be cared for and treated in a personal way. We will see what types of massages and with what types of oils and herbs will help us to balance our body and mind, to detoxify, feed and balance them, essential to have a powerful immune system, so important for these times that run viral in all senses. You will learn the art of Ayurvedic massage as it has been given and continues to occur in India, where we learned in different schools and with different teachers to bring you Ayurvedic massage in its purest form, without mixtures or adaptations. It is not a New Age therapy or an alternative therapy, it is a timeless native therapy. We hope you learn a lot and later use it well, it is an ancient tool that continues to work perfectly in our modern world.


πŸͺ· 1st year – 200h πŸͺ·

πŸ‘©πŸ»β€βš•οΈ With doctors Barai and translations by Kike MantecΓ³n.

πŸ“œ OFFICIAL Diploma from the Government of India. Five years of doctorate that is done for the first time in Europe

πŸ“† All year round

✨ New! ✨ Private log in for students with all the course information and updated extra material.

✨ Videos, ibook and podcasts

✨ Free entry! Sign up for online classes every week and ask any Ayurvedic questions you have πŸ€“

🏑 Online and face to face with practices at the hospital in India or our centers in Ibiza, La Vera and around the world 🌍

✨ +INFO: https://ayurvedauniversity.es/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Ayurveda-University.pdf


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