Ayurveda University

Ayurveda University

Welcome to the first online and face to face Ayurveda University with an official certificate from Meghdhara Academy with the Indian government in collaboration with doctors Mehul and Dhara Barai, Jamnagar University, Panchakarma Meghdhara Hospital, AyurVera Retreats and the research association AyurVida Ibiza.

We are a research association of Ayurveda, yoga and natural therapies. Since 2004 we are learning Ayurveda and we know great professionals that we recommend from experience and from the heart, without wanting to lead the patient to any particular therapy. Above all, we intend to learn and teach how to prevent diseases through a good diet, an active life, a healthy mind, a certain daily routine and provide some techniques to enjoy a fuller and more balanced life.

About Meghdhara Ayurved Academy

Dr Dhara & Mehul Barai

Meghdhara Ayurved Academy is working since 2008 to provide authentic knowledge of Ayurveda on the base of guru shishya parmpara (tradition).

Dr. Dhara Barai and Mehul Barai are running Meghdhara Ayurveda and panchakarma hospital and Meghdhara academy since 2008 at Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. They are conducting several training courses under Meghdhara Ayurveda Academy for overseas students for practical training in the field of Ayurveda and Panchkarma since 2008. Students from Taiwan, Japan, France have participated in this course till today. 


For the first time in Europe we are doing the official Ayurveda doctorate with Meghdhara Academy and the government of India. This will be the first year of five. Very welcome!

Also we continue with the smaller courses and workshops in therapeutic massages and Ayurvedic theoretical-practical treatments, dedicated to understand and assimilate an ancient art of Ayurveda, all around India.

The results of Ayurveda have been experimenting for thousands of years and the techniques have changed very little because they are effective and harmonious with the human being and nature. Nowadays it is a medicine that begins to have much more demand internationally.

About AyurVera Retreats

AyurVera, a self-sufficient, sustainable and freedom land in 30 hectares, where we offer therapies, retreats, trips, courses and practices related to Ayurveda and ancient cultures. Very necessary and useful activities in the life we ​​protect. Our goal is to contribute to preserve an absolutely useful and proven practice for millennia and backed by the scientific method, which helps you to stay as healthy, young and balanced as possible, in a totally efficient way, working on diet, exercise, relaxation, meditation and using different therapies and oil massages. All these methods are absolutely natural, and cares about each person individually, respecting the different biotypes and the particularities of each one. They are relaxing, anti-stress and rejuvenating therapies, as they calm the mind and body and help detoxify them, rejuvenating and balancing every organ. Retreats, therapies and teachings, try to relax and balance body and mind, so necessary in these unbridled and stressful times.

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Ayurveda Doctorate

Basic of Ayurveda, Ayurved diet and nutrition, Bhaisajya kalpna (Medicine preparation), PANCHKARMA, 

1st year

Ayurveda trip to India

Come to Meghdhara Academy & Hospital to received Panchakarma, detox and Rasayana or rejuvenation. Together with different classes, workshops or visits around.

What our students say

I recommend the course in Ayurveda with Dr. Dhara Barai, who provides valuable information in each of her classes. She is a very investigative person and anyone can expect absolutely all the questions we have in this learning. The topic is one of the most comprehensive of all current online trainings. Kike Mantecón's translations from English to Spanish are fundamental for me, they have helped me and facilitated my study. Likewise, the classes via zoom that are taken by those who for different reasons (in my case work) cannot help us. The Ayurveda course has opened the doors for me to interpret and understand other reasoning. It is a “journey” that led me to a change of vision, habits and life.
Natalia Yanina Gabowicz
It has been a big pleasure to be able to take the Ayurveda medicine and massage training, led by Kike, Bea and Doctor Dhara. The teaching has been very authentic and of quality and the treatment, like family. It has opened up a field of knowledge for me that I am passionate about and is very useful to me in my daily life and profession. Thank you very much, we will keep in touch.
Alba Bea Delgado